1. Sale & Quotation 销售及报价条款
1.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all quotations from ViscoTec Shanghai are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of issue.
1.2 Prices quoted are only for the quoted quantities. Subsequent changes in quantity will generally result in a revision to the quoted prices.
1.3 Drawings and samples enclosed with any quotation shall remain the property of ViscoTec. All drawings and samples shall be treated confidentially by the customer.
2. Payment 付款条款
2.1. Only prepayment is accepted, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
2.2. Mode of payment is Telegraphic Transfer (TT).
2.3. Any bank charges incurred by the customer’s bank have to be borne by the customer.
2.4. Until full payment from customer is done and received by ViscoTec Shanghai, the delivered goods and systems remain full property of ViscoTec Shanghai. (Also in case, that the delivered goods and systems are already built- in or integrated in other systems and machines)
3. Delivery 运输条款
3.1 Customers will be notified on the shipment date via our order confirmation. Shipment date provided by ViscoTec Shanghai only an estimated shipment date. The final shipment date will be confirmed upon readiness of the order for shipment.
3.2 Customer shall nominate their own forwarder and provide the forwarder details upon submission of order to ViscoTec Shanghai, or as soon as possible upon completion of the order.
3.3 Should the delivery be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, ViscoTec shanghai will inform customer at the earliest time possible.
3.4 If shipment is delayed at the request of the customer, he will be charged for any additional costs incurred from storage at ViscoTec’s premises if the items are not picked up by the customer’s forwarder within 10 days after the date of readiness of their order for shipment.
4. Warranty 保修
4.1 Warranty period for non- wear & tear parts is 12 months.
Wear & Tear parts are excluded (e.g. rubber parts, stator, O-rings, etc.)
易损件不在保修之列. (例如:橡胶部件, 定子, 密封圈等)
4.2 The customer shall carefully inspect the delivered items immediately after receipt. Should there be any defects in the items, the customer shall notify ViscoTec Shanghai without delay in writing.
4.3 ViscoTec dosing units are designed and assembled according to CE-standards.
维世科的产品在生产和设计上是依照CE 标准执行的。
4.4 ViscoTec does not guarantee any processes, and is not responsible for them. Only the proper functions of the ViscoTec units are guaranteed.
4.5 ViscoTec will not take responsibility for misbehavior, changes, modifications or adjustments to ViscoTec units and systems, deviation from previous data provided and actions not done according to the manual. All misuse, e.g. external damages or dry-run of the pump are also excluded.
由于操作不当,更换,修改或者调整维世科产品的部件或系统引起的损坏或者,不在保修范围之内;由于不按照操作手册和要求操作,或者由于客户的要求与之前提供给维世科的技术参数不一致所引起的故障或者损坏,亦不在保修范围内。所有滥用, 如泵的外部损害,或者空转,引起的损坏,也排除在保修范围之外。
4.6 ViscoTec has the right to do a complete analysis of the damaged part, before warranty could be granted.
4.7 ViscoTec shall be entitled to decide whether to repair the defective item or provide a replacement free of charge within a reasonable period of time. Should a replacement be provided to the customer, then the customer shall return the defective item first. Parts replaced shall become ViscoTec’s property.
维世科有权决定是否修复有缺陷的产品或在合理的时间内提供免费的更换。在提供给客户更换品前, 客户应当首先把有缺陷的产品作为维世科的财产返还给维世科。
5. Cancellation 合同的取消
5.1 The customer may not cancel their order, in whole or part. However, ViscoTec Shanghai may review and negotiate with the customer on a case by case basis after receiving a written notice from the customer.
客户不能全部或部分的取消已经确认的订单,。然而, 维世科上海可以在收到客户的书面取消订单的通知以后,就具体的案件和客户协商一致。
5.2 ViscoTec Shanghai will deliver all completed and partially completed items to the customer and charge the customer for the actual, allowable, allocable and reasonable expenses incurred by ViscoTec for work in process and materials up to and including the date of cancellation upon submission of its claim to the customer within ninety (90) days of the termination notice. ViscoTec Shanghai claim shall not exceed the order price for the terminated items.

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