Medical technology

With maximum reliability and process security
Medical technology places stringent requirements on the production process in terms of reliability and process security. Regulations and standards must be adhered to and ensured in a traceable manner. ViscoTec dosing systems and dosing components enable you to manufacture medical devices and parts with a high degree of process security under even the most stringent requirements. At the end of the day, your customers’ lives depend on it!

  • Pacemakers>


    Our customers use our technology to bond pacemaker shells with both one-component and two-component adhesives.
    In two-component applications in particular, we guarantee an exact mixing ratio from the start to the end of the bead even where very fine dosing beads of very small volumes are concerned.
    An application which is very close to our hearts in the truest sense

  • Catheters>


    Our customers use our dispensers to bond catheter components too. Whether the components are made of glass, plastic or metal, our customers generally dose RTV silicones or even UV-curing adhesives for this purpose. We guarantee you a really fast and reproducible adhesive application process.

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