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Here you will find all ViscoTec products and industry applications


  • Adhesives & Chemicals


    Particularly in industrial applications with highly complex requirements and sensitive systems, the prerequisite for smooth and reliable production is to ensure optimal adaptation, durability and competent service. In recent years ViscoTec has steadily made a name for itself in the handling of media that are notoriously difficult to dose, such as high-viscosity adhesives and sealants, solid-content pastes etc... Our pumps are often referred to as abrasives handling pumps, flux handling pumps or solder paste pumps.

  • Preeflow & FlowPlus


    preeflow® ensures precise, purely volumetric dosing of liquids in smallest quantities. Thanks to 20 years of know-how around dispensing of liquids the brand preeflow® was born in 2008. preeflow® products are appreciated worldwide, last but not least because of the unique quality – Made in Germany.

  • Food & Pharma


    Does your dosing application require the hygienic, reliable dosing or conveying of high-viscosity fluids and pastes? The technology used in the processing of viscous products has to meet the most exacting standards. Many factors such as viscosity, dripping and tendency to thread formation have to be considered. Especially when the media to be filled are pasty, with solid content, chunky, shear-sensitive, temperature-sensitive or sticky, conventional dosing systems quickly reach their performance limits. In the market place our dosing pumps are very often known as food pumps, FDA pumps or 3A pumps.